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Honour your HungerIgnoring your hunger cues is rather like ignoring needing a pee. It risks metaphorically wetting your pants. When we ignore hunger for long enough we triggering primal hunger, a desperate need to eat to bring our blood sugar levels back up to safe levels and you can find yourself backlash or eat beyond comfortable fullness.

Honouring your hunger and recognising it as a completely natural biological cue for energy from your body helps balance your blood sugar, keep your energy levels stable, and mitigates those binge-eating episodes.

Our top tips for learning how to honour your hunger

Raise your awareness to it

We may have become so accustomed to ignoring hunger we no longer know what it feels like in our bodies. Try to bring your awareness to the more subtle cues of hunger, for example, finding it harder to concentrate, feeling empty, gentle stomach rumbling.

Satisfy your hunger

When we eat foods that satisfy us in terms of taste and texture, we are more likely to find enjoyment from our food but equally, be able to recognise when we have had enough. Next time you think about your next meal or snack, ask yourself what is it I would really like to eat? A cold crunchy apple? Something warm? Salty, sweet?


Learn to recognise the signs of emotional hunger versus emotional hunger. Whilst eating for emotional reasons is perfectly normal, it can become problematic when it becomes our only way of managing our emotions. The infographic below shows how you can differentiate between physical and emotional hunger.


Emotional eating

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Posted 17 September 2020