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Georgia’s Voice supports young women between the ages of 18 and 25. Providing small, free, confidential support groups for young women with mental health concerns.

These are safe places for young women to come and talk, listen or just be. Their facilitator-led support groups provide a compassionate, warm, and empathic space to support and enable people to improve their lives. 

Founder Sophie Alway explains more about Georgia’s Voice;

‘Georgia’s Voice is the legacy of my beautiful daughter Georgia Lee Gallaway who took her own life on July 6th, 2020. There is a real lack of easily accessible help and support out there for young people these days, so I decided with the help of many other fantastic friends and family to do something about it.

Through the passion and hard work of the amazing team behind Georgia’s Voice, we hope to reduce the rate of suicide in young women by making them realise they are not alone, and this is not the only option.

As well as creating support groups, Georgia’s Voice can provide a huge support system tailored to your individual needs. We will provide workshops and information days explaining things that promote good mental health and positive emotions. We can help with providing a range of therapies and helplines and even put you in touch with the right people should you want to get back into education or employment.’

Georgia’s Voice seeks to empower young women to manage their mental health and wellbeing. To feel valued and better able to make positive changes, they need to live the life they want. 

How we are supporting Georgia’s Voice.

In 2020, mental health charity Mind found that over half of young people and adults have been over or under-eating to cope with the impact of the pandemic and that people struggled to recognise positive wellbeing habits and behaviours as legitimate ways of managing their emotional wellbeing. 

Here at Reframe Club we are supporting the amazing work carried out by Georgia’s Voice. Offering all young women engaged with Georgia’s Voice utterly free access to Reframe Club as a resource to support their wellbeing and help them toward a happier and healthier relationship with food. 

Working together to be the change we want to see. 

You can learn more about and connect with Georgia’s Voice via their website at https://georgiasvoice.co.uk/ or follow at https://www.instagram.com/georgiasvoiceuk/?hl=en

Source: https://www.mind.org.uk/media-a/5929/the-mental-health-emergency_a4_final.pdf

Posted 1 February 2022